Bamboo Porcelain, 'Tea Cup of Tranquility' (single set)

This is a traditional Chinese tea cup ensemble, which consists of three pieces: the top cover, the cup, and the bottom plate.  The special character of this tea cup set is the bamboo-woven cover.  Thin bamboo strips are hand-woven onto the porcelain pieces to form the cover, while the body of the cup is comprised of two  pandas eating bamboo.  Five Chinese characters in traditional calligraphic style, imparting a wish for the drinker -“obtaining tranquility” - decorate on the other side.  Those Chinese characters refer to the understanding that the scent of tea is able to clean the mind of the drinkers, especially as they enjoy the bamboo and tea aroma while they sip.


Price: $69.99

Dimensions: 3.9in x 3.9in x 4.3in
Weight: 1kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Liu Jiafeng

Born in 1948, Liu Jiafeng is one of the finest bamboo artists in China. He was a prodigy of bamboo arts, always creating new techniques and new ways to do things. Read more...

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