Batik Painting, 'Red Dragon'

This batik painting of dragons is made by Miao artists using the traditional wax dying process.  At the center of the painting a dragon flies against the red background as if it were flying out of the painting.   At the bottom two dragons are facing each other playing with a ball of flame, a symbol redolent of the sun.  Dragons have an ancient and respected position in Chinese belief.  The image of dragon has been transferred into various forms in Chinese culture, always linking to fire, sea and clouds, and never losing a sense of power and divinity.


Price: $79.99

Dimensions: 31.5in x 59.1in
Weight: 1kg

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About the artist, Yan Ping

“ I lived near a Miao village.  I became obsessed with Miao ethnic art especially batik at a very young age.  From the Miao village, I met Ani and Akin who were about the same age as me.  The brother and sister came from a very traditional Miao batik craftsman family.  We became very good childhood friends.  We often played hide and seek in their yard for hours.  We grew a little older, we learned the batik making together.  After college, I came back to my hometown, wanting to start a career in batik.  In 1996, three of us formed this batik workshop.  Besides the traditional Miao designs, we also created designs from other Chinese culture influences. We are very proud of what we do, making beautiful artworks using traditional methods that our ancestors had passed on to us.”  Read more...

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