Beijing Opera Sculpture, 'Zhang Fei'

This hand cast and hand painted sculpture features Zhang Fei, one of the heros from the Three Kingdoms period (220~280) in China.  The sculpture is painted in mainly black and red to reflect Zhang Fei’s personality following the designs of Beijing Opera costume and makeup. Black represents bravery and red color represents uprightness and loyalty.

At the Battle of Changban,  Zhang rode out on the Changban Bridge to hold off the pursuing army of Cao Cao. He glared and pointed his spear, saying, "I am Zhang Fei of Yan, and anyone can come and challenge me to fight to the death."  His voice was so powerful that the bridge collapsed. 

Throughout the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhang is shown as exceedingly loyal and known for his strength and skill as a warrior, but also short tempered.


Price: $69.99

Dimensions: 8.7in x 1.6in x 13.8in
Weight: 1.5kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Duan Guosheng

“I love the opera.  When I first watched a local troupe performing, I was just a little boy.  I was immediately drawn to it.  Learning the art of opera singing has been the best experience for me.  I hope my work will be displayed in homes of young people.  Let the sculptures remind them the wonderful art of Beijing Opera.” Read more...

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