Pottery Sculpture, 'Tall Incense Burner/Candleholder'

This handmade pottery artwork is the replica of a ceramic censer relic made in Han Dynasty (B.C.206~A.D.220). The upper part of censer shapes as an oval sphere.  Triangle shaped orifices are carved on the body of burner. The top opening is also big enough to host a candle fire. The round base can be filled with water to prevent overheating and fire. 

Chinese people started using incense since the Spring and Autumn period (B.C. 770~B.C. 476). In Western Han Dynasty (B.C.206~A.D.25),  incense began to prevail in people’s lives. Besides keeping the air in fresh, incense is very important in rituals and ceremonies.


Price: $199.99

Dimensions: 7.5in x 7.5in x 10.6in
Weight: 2kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Gao Xiaofei

Luoyang in Henan province is a city with a long history.  Luoyang has been the capital for many dynasties through out Chinese history.  Gao Xiaofei was born in a village near Luoyang.  His family has been trading and repairing antiques for generations.  Gao has a special interest in pottery.  Inspired by the exquisiteness of the ancient pottery sculptures, he started his workshop replicating the artworks in 1994.  Read more...

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