Chinese Paper Cutting, 'Dragon Fireball'

A Chinese dragon chasing a fire ball.  Dragons have the highest status among all mythical beasts in Chinese culture.  Chinese dragons have a snake like body, fish-like tail and scales, hawk claws, head of a deer.  In Chinese folklores, dragons are mostly good omens.  Chinese emperors believe that they are decedents of the dragon. 

This paper cut shows the delicate style of Yu Zhou.  The artist really captures the motion of the dragon in this piece of paper art. 

Unframed option will be shipped for free by registered mail. 


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Dimensions: 9.4in x 0.8in x 13in
Weight: 1.5kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Wang Jiancheng

Wang Jiancheng comes from a traditional family in Yu Zhou.  Yu Zhou, a small county in Hebei province, is famous for its unique style of Paper Cut.  Chinese paper cutting, also known as Jianzhi in Chinese, is a unique art form.  Using a just a pair of scissors and a piece of paper, the artisans can transform the paper into amazing delicate designs.  The paper art form is very well spread in China, especially in Yu Zhou.  Wang learned his techniques from his parents and grandparents.  Read more...

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