Shadow Play Puppet, 'Qing Emperor'

This handmade shadow play puppet is made out of cow hide featuring an emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1616~1911) with a long plait, which is the only allowed hair style for the Chinese male living during that time.  He wears graceful and gorgeous dragon robe.  Dragon is an incredible holy monster in Chinese culture, which represents the power of Heaven.

This robe is not only adorned with dragon patterns, but also with ocean, fire flame and clouds. The pattern of tiger is decorated on cap of the emperor standing for the stateliness of the emperor.  In the ancient China, nobody was allowed to wear dragon pattern except the emperors.

Nicely framed, perfect home decor display for your living room. Read more...

Price: $75.99

Dimensions: 0.8in x 11.4in x 17.3in
Weight: 1kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Xue Hongquan

Shadow play in an ancient art form dates back over 2000 years in China.  Shadow play was originated in Hua County, Shaanxi province, China, where Xue Hongquan was born.  Born in 1968, Xue left school and started a career in making the shadow puppet when he was 14.  “ Shadow play drama is very rarely performed now.  Competing with televisions and movies, Shadow play can only be found at my hometown for weddings and funerals”, says Xue,” but I am happy that more and more people are interested in my leather puppets.  I hope with my puppets, people can know more about shadow play and come to see a live play.”  Read more...

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