Tang Tri-color Pottery Replica, 'Persian Bowl'

This colorful galzed bowl with elements of persian design is a replica of Tang Dynasty relic.  The bowl is hand formed and glazed using the traditional techniques, Tang Tri-color. 

The elegant bowl is hand-painted in green color before the piece is fired, shaped as a big teacup with a green handle. The rim of the bowl is carved in wavy style, and embossed with the scene of traditional dancing.  During the Tang Dynasty, China was a center of trade through the silk road.  Tang's cultural was also influnced by foreign countries.  From this bowl, we can see the inflence on homeware design from Perisa.


Price: $99.00

Dimensions: 3.9in x 3.9in x 3.9in
Weight: 2kg

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Ships from Galleria Pangea China office.

About the artist, Gao Shuiwang

Gao Shuiwang, 48 years old, was born in the Stone Mountain Village, Henan province of China. Many of the villagers are very good part time craftsmen making Tang Tri-color pottery. Gao grew up hanging around those craftsmen. Instead of playing during his free time, Gao spent his childhood learning the secret of making tri-color pottery. He has received the “Outstanding Folk Artist” award, by the UNESCO for his remarkable skill. Read more...

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